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Insightful reports that anyone can comprehend.

KOBIT Analyses your Google Analytics data and break it down into easily comprehendible language with graphs. With plain English and graphs, you can intuitively understand what is driving your website’s performance. In depth analysis on referral traffic, goals conversions and all the complicated matter translated nicely, you can prove your ROI to everyone with no hassle.


Swift, Polished and Educational


We understand that you already have enough on your plate. That is why we made the procedure as easy as possible. Once you have registered, all you need is a click.


Professional web analysts direct our service. Thus everything you need for a graceful report, not only the analysis itself, but also rigid structure and pretty graph, is all included in your generated report.


Many reporting tools out there require some knowledge of Google Analytics before its use. However, KOBIT is designed for people with no knowledge of Google Analytics. Anyone can easily use our service to learn some basic knowledge of how data on Google Analytics can be used.

customize your report

The report is yours, not ours

Customize your reports with your company, agency or client’s branding. KOBIT is here to support your work life, not to take over it. The report is extracted as a PowerPoint, so you can change anything you like. It is your report, so have it your way. Also, our name will not appear anywhere on the generated report. You are the star; we are the stagehands.

Build better relationship with your clients

Sometimes, it is difficult to get fully analysed report for all your clients. It might be a little uncomfortable meeting your client and explaining everything from the scratch. With KOBIT, you have got the report and your customer undestands what is going on. By introducing KOBIT, our customers extended their contracts with their clients by 30% on average. You can also use KOBIT to enhance your sales by showing what you can do with data driven report.

Build better relationship with your clients

We love KOBIT

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    KOBIT is a great tool for companies and marketers that want to simplify their website analytics reporting. It's just much simpler to receive KOBIT reports vs. manually analysing data in Google analytics. We strongly recommend KOBIT, it's the go-to tool for every company who wants to have a clear understanding of their audience and marketing channels for website growth.

    Christopher Lier. Co-Founder, LeadGen

  • "I think that it is a service very suitable for "busy people" who have a wide range of work and want to analyze but does not have enough time. Highly" recommended.

    Hirofumi Jitto. Representative Director, Moshimo., Ltd.

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    "It is amazing that KOBIT not only shows detailed graphs and numbers, but also advice with natural sentences when we generate E-Commerce site reports!"

    Kenichi Takeda. Senior Director, Fuji Tourism Planning Co., Ltd.