Why You Need a Guest Blogging Strategy in 2019

2018/11/16 08:00

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Adding guest blogging to your content marketing strategy could skyrocket your results.

When used strategically, content marketing is a powerful tool that can generate exceptional results.

Guest blogging is one aspect of content marketing that has massive potential yet not many brands are actually utilising it. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that provides third-party sites with fresh new content while giving businesses the opportunity to boost brand awareness and drive targeted traffic directly to their websites.

Guest blog posts should not be seen as just another promotional tool either, it’s a chance for brands to establish themselves as experts in their industry while driving people to their websites where they can encourage conversions.

7 Ways that guest blogging can benefit your brand

The benefits of guest blogging make it clear why this is a content marketing tactic that your brand should consider in 2019.

  1. Drive targeted traffic to your website. By partnering with websites that share your target audience and creating valuable content that will pique their interest, you can drive high volumes of targeted traffic directly to your website. Now all that’s left to do is ensure that your landing pages and calls to action are optimised to increase your conversions.
  2. Boost your social media following. Authoritative blogs generally also have large social media followings, something that your brand will directly benefit from once you start creating guest blog posts. The more people start sharing and interacting with your blogs, the more likely it is that they will follow your brand on social media too.
  3.  Connect with influencers. Sites that work with guest bloggers tend to partner with a variety of influencers that your brand could also connect with. Influencer marketing is on the rise and guest blogging could open the door to relationships with key influencers who could be a potential match for future campaigns.
  4.  Increase your backlinks. Backlinks are excellent for SEO, especially when they stem from authoritative websites. Partnering with the right websites will increase your number of backlinks, which will go a long way in benefitting your SEO efforts too.
  5. Make your brand more credible. Guest blogging is an excellent way to prove that your brand is credible and trustworthy, which should also make your value propositions much more effective.
  6. Shorten your sales cycle. When customers start finding your content on your website as well as several other authoritative websites, they become more familiar with your brand, which can potentially shorten your sales cycle.
  7. Increase brand awareness. When your brand is visible at every turn, it becomes hard to ignore. Guest blogging can expose your brand to a brand new set of customers who may not have known about you before.

Guest blogging best practices: How to get it right

guest blogging strategies

Guest blogging can be a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy – only if it’s executed correctly though. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you develop and execute your guest blogging strategy in 2019.

  • Know what you want to achieve

It goes without saying that every great marketing strategy started with a goal and your guest blogging strategy should be any different. Examples of goals include driving traffic to a specific landing page, positioning your brand as an authority on a particular topic or improving your SEO results by generating more backlinks. Having a goal will also ensure that you have something to measure your progress against.

  • Find the right sites to partner with

This is probably one of the most important steps of the guest blogging process because you need to make sure that you will be driving targeted traffic to your website. Take your time to research websites that aren’t competitors but do share your target audience. When researching potential website partners, it’s helpful to run their website through a tool such as Alexa to determine whether their traffic numbers are high enough to make the endeavour worthwhile. It also helps to look at their social media pages as this will give you an idea of how users perceive the brand and how often they engage with their content.

  • Build rapport with website owners

Websites that accept guest blogs want anything but a generic pitch for new content so it’s important to take steps that will help you stand out. Make a point of really understanding what their website is all about and what matters to them as a brand. Once you decide how you can enhance their blog, connect with the website owner using a personalised email or social media message.

  • Choose your topics carefully

To get a guest blog post to work for you, you need to know what a website’s target audience is going to respond to. Take a look at the content that’s currently live on the site and which blogs are receiving high levels of engagement. Take these ideas and formats and brainstorm topics that are similar and that fit in with your brand to make it relevant. Tools such as Buzzsumo make it really easy to come up with great topics if you’re out of ideas. It’s always best to choose topics that haven’t already been covered on the website you’re partnering with.

  • Create stand-out content

Once you have a killer topic, you need to make sure that your content actually delivers on it. This means using a great headline, eye-catching media, and wording that evokes emotion and action. To make your guest blogs work even harder, do some keyword research before you start writing your post.

  • Make your bio work for you

One of the main points of creating guest blogs is to boost brand awareness and website traffic so use your bio to ensure this happens. Create a bio that’s catchy and impactful and don’t forget to include a link to your website as well as your social media pages if the website owner will allow it.

  • Respond to comments

If users are engaging with your content, it’s exceptionally important for you to respond to them if their comment warrants a valid and natural response. Showing that your brand is engaged and not just posting another blog post will go a long way in making your brand look more trustworthy.

  • Promote your guest blogs

The more traffic you can drive to your blog posts, the more it will benefit you and the website that will be promoting your content. Since your guest blog posts will be unique, it pays to promote your new content on your social media pages as well as any emails or newsletters that you send out to your customers.

  • Track your content

To make sure that you are seeing a return on investment, it’s important that you track the results of your guest blog posts using a platform such as KOBIT and UTM parameters. UTM parameters are snippets of code that you can add onto the end of any URLs that you will be using in your guest blog posts that will allow you to track which content is generating the best results.

If guest blogging is a new tactic that you feel your brand would benefit from, 2019 is definitely the year to add it into your content marketing strategy.