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2018/11/05 10:09


Creator’s NEXT was born in 2004 from the mind of Nozomu Kubota, with the objective to assist in the development of digital marketing companies. Offering solutions adapted to their clients and new ways to increase their benefits in the online domain.

Thanks to continuous conversations with digital marketing companies, arose the need of seeking a solution to all those digital marketing professionals that spent too many hours creating reports in Google Analytics.

What if those wasted hours were invested in developing their creative side instead of mere data compilation tasks? – Nozomu Kubota

Creator’s NEXT – Vision

Creator’s NEXT is pleased to introduce KOBIT

KOBIT born with the objective to ease the use and access to all those companies that want to obtain the maximum benefit from Google Analytics.

With the generated report that extracts the data from Google Analytics, KOBIT offers along with its 12 detailed pages, a complete resume of how your performance in the digital aspect is. But, unlike the current reports available in the market, KOBIT does not only show the data nicely. Also, it creates guidelines based on its complex algorithm that will take your website to a whole new level.

A team of creators


To create something un pique, you must surround yourself with unique people. With that maxim, we intend to form a team of professionals with a unique and distinctive mentality. We believe in betting on personal and professional development in a work environment that brings out the best from everyone.

Our team consists of specialists in web development, digital marketing, planning, contents creation, and digital analysis.

Reaching new goals

KOBIT has broken into the digital analytics market with more than 1800 users since it began in 2016. Having a strong impact on the Japanese market, KOBIT has guided a wide range of companies, from small to large corporations increasing their income significantly.

Our team has been working hard to adapt KOBIT to the different needs of the international market. Listening and optimizing the service to make it as easily accessible to all types of users.

A new challenge that we are willing to achieve.


Where to locate us:

Creator’s NEXT is located in Kitashinagawa 5-12-5 Gotenyama Kawaso BI, 6, Tokyo (Japan)

Postcode: 141-0001
Phone: (+81) 0120 217 070