Persuasive Copywriting Tips to Skyrocket Your Conversions

2018/11/21 08:00

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How to get users to convert using highly-engaging online copy.

Getting sales copy to produce a return on investment is one of the most common challenges that businesses face.

Let’s start by saying that there is no magic formula that is going to boost your conversions overnight. Copywriting is a skill that needs to be honed and paired with the motivations, needs, and desires of your target audience in order for it to be effective.

The right copy has the potential to convince the reader to trust your brand and take the action that you’re proposing, whether it’s making an online purchase, downloading an ebook or signing up for a newsletter.

Copywriting doesn’t just end with website copy either, it includes your advertising campaigns, email marketing, and video content. Copywriting is not the same as blogging either, the sole purpose of copywriting is to get a user to convert, not position your brand as an authority on a particular subject.

It doesn’t matter whether you have some or no experience with copywriting – the below tips and techniques will help you to discover what works for your brand and your target audience.

7 Copywriting Tips to Keep On File

Copywriting tips

  • Focus on one idea

You instantly make your copy more powerful and impactful when you focus on one idea or benefit. By emphasising one good idea as clearly as possible, you make it easier for readers to understand the offer that’s being presented to them and how it will benefit them. In a world where there is a lot of marketing noise, consumers are already overwhelmed with information, which is why focusing on one idea is the best approach to developing effective copy.

  • Pay attention to your headline

Think your headlines as your first impression. How are you going to pique a reader’s interest and encourage them to continue reading? Your headline needs to tick a few different boxes if you want it to deliver, which is why it pays to spend a good portion of your time on it before you move onto the rest of your copy. To get your headlines to jump out, make sure that they’re unique, specific, useful and urgent.

  • Paint a picture

The best way to draw a reader in is to paint a picture by telling a story. Storytelling is an age-old copywriting technique but it’s still highly effective because it places a reader directly in that scenario. It gives the reader the opportunity to relate to what’s taking place in the story, which in turn makes them realise how they would benefit from what you’re offering. It’s important to paint a picture before you promise anything or push for a conversion.

  • Provide some proof

It’s a known fact that consumers rely on the opinions of their peers before making a buying decision so provide them with the proof they need to make their decision a little easier. Use testimonials and customer ratings where possible as this could be the one factor that tips the conversion scales in your favour.

  • Use Objections to Your Advantage

One of the main reasons why readers tend to leave a site is because they have questions or objections. Nip this problem in the bud by addressing common objections yourself. Your sales team will be able to give you a good idea of the questions and concerns that your customers usually. Find a way to work that information into your copy so that readers aren’t left feeling unsure.

  • Benefit from the power of repetition

This is another technique that countless copywriters swear by. The more we read or hear the same thing, the more powerful it becomes. Some say that repeating key points three times throughout your copy is the sweet spot. Obviously, this technique should be used in a way that still complements your copy and doesn’t make your brand sound like a robot. Your copy should always sound natural and it should flow if you want it to be effective.

  • Complexity is a no-no

Lengthy paragraphs are not going to do you any favours so keep your sentences short and to the point, if you want them to have an impact. In terms of the wording you use, if your readers have to reach for a dictionary to understand what you’re trying to say, your copy isn’t going to work. Showy copy might look and sound great but it’s not what’s going to convince readers to convert. Speak to your audience as you would a friend and you will be one step closer to a conversion.

There are a lot of different copywriting techniques out there but the above tips are a good start for getting the basics right. Remember to keep testing and tracking your results to hone your skills and optimise your copy until you see those conversions skyrocket.