Growing Your Business Using Positive Customer Reviews

2018/12/19 08:00

reviews strategy

Discover how you can boost your business’s bottom line by asking customers for their feedback using proven tactics.

Today’s consumers rely on recommendations from family, friends, and people in their community more than ever before. In fact, a positive review can be all someone needs to make a final decision on whether or not to buy a product or sign up for a service.

Collecting customer feedback and reviews can sometimes seem like a monumental task but once you discover the immense impact that positive reviews can have on your brand’s image, the effort becomes well worth it.

Many businesses don’t collect reviews because they feel that they’re asking too much of their customers but the reality is that people love sharing their opinions and are more than willing to oblige if you’ve left them smiling. If you never ask you’ll never know right?

Why You Need a Review Strategy

Even though collecting customer reviews may seem like a straightforward task, it’s still important to have a review strategy to guide the process.

A review strategy takes your customer personas as well as the customer journey into account. To begin with, it’s important to understand where your customers spend their time online. In other words, what would be the easiest way to reach them about reviews? Secondly, you will need to identify the right time to approach a customer about leaving a review, which is when you would turn to your customer journey for insights.

Finally, your strategy should also outline how you plan to deal with different types of feedback. Not all reviews will be positive and it’s best to create some general guidelines that your staff can follow when dealing with negative as well as positive customer feedback.

Asking Customers for Reviews: 7 Proven Approaches

reviews strategy

Here are just a few of the most effective ways to get feedback from your customers.

  • Automated Emails

This is a particularly effective tactic if you’re running an online store but it can also be applied to service-related businesses that have their customers on an email list. Creating automated email campaigns that are sent out after a customer makes a purchase or a service consultant returns from a client appointment will give you the opportunity to collect customer feedback while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Most of today’s top email campaign management software programs make it easy to setup automated campaigns that can be triggered according to specific criteria. This can also be done manually as a service-related business if you aren’t dealing with high volumes of customers.

  • Facebook Reactions

Facebook is adding new features all the time and now gives users the chance to react in new and creative ways that can also benefit your business. Facebook reactions give you the opportunity to get fun, instant feedback on a new product or offering without asking too much of your customers. It can also be used to gauge how happy customers are with your service.

  • Live Chat Support

Asking website visitors and customers for their feedback directly after they’ve interacted with a customer service consultant is another way to obtain reviews while the customer is engaging with your brand. Just be sure to keep your questions and options brief and to the point or a customer might be deterred from sharing their feedback.

  • Customer Calls

Sometimes it’s as simple as calling your customers to ask them for a review. If a customer has recently made a purchase or received a service from your business, give them a call to capture their feedback – don’t forget to ask them whether you can share it on your website. As an added bonus, ask if they would be willing to post a review on Facebook or Google. If they aren’t willing to do that then at least you have one review from them that you can share on your site.

  • Polls

If you feel that you need to make a review seem more appealing, why not create a poll that’s linked to a giveaway or reward that will entice customers to provide you with feedback that you can use on your social media pages and website. Don’t forget to promote your poll using an email campaign or a few social media posts.

  • Thank You Pages

If your customers are presented with a thank you page once they convert, use this as an opportunity to ask them for a review. Again, their experience with your brand will still be fresh in their minds and chances are they’ll be satisfied with their experience because they decided to purchase from you. You can either provide them with review options or you can allow them to create their own reviews.

  • Pop-Ups

If you don’t use thank you pages, pop-ups are another great way to ask for feedback directly after a customer converts. This is another opportunity for you to offer something in return for a review. If you’re running an online store, a discount on their next purchase could do the trick.

In the end, there will always be customers who are willing to share their experiences with your brand – it all starts with you asking them to.