A New Way to Grow Your Business: Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

2019/01/30 08:00

marketing automation

Marketing automation is the way of the future and is a tactic that can benefit your business in more ways than one.

There are a number of tactics that you could use to grow your business but marketing automation is one that has more benefits than most.

According to a report by Nucleus Research, marketing automation is capable of boosting your sales productivity by 14.5% and reducing your marketing overheads by up to 12%. Another report by The Annutis Group showed that businesses that nurtured leads using marketing automation were able to increase their number of qualified leads by over 450%.

Today’s marketing teams need to fill a number of different roles, while still staying abreast of the latest updates, technology and trends in the online marketing space. Automation is changing the way that marketing teams operate and it can make a difference in your business too.

Businesses need a scalable way to grow and incorporating automation tools into daily processes is one way to do just that.

Growing Your Business Using Marketing Automation

Here are just a few of the ways that marketing automation can make a significant difference in your business.

  • Cut down on staff costs

If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce staffing costs, the implementation of marketing automation software is an option. By simplifying and automating certain marketing functions, there’s no longer any reason why you need a large marketing team.

  • Increase efficiency

Using marketing automation tools is an easy way for your team to work more efficiently. Every business only has a certain amount of hours available in the day and automation ensures you’re making the most of those hours.

  • Boost your bottom line

Marketing automation tools make cross-selling and upselling even easier, which increases your chances of generating additional revenue. Since follow-ups can also be automated, most businesses also notice an upswing in customer lifetime value.

  • Improve team accountability

Marketing automation tools can be used to identify any bottlenecks in your business. Automation software clearly shows where leads are falling away during the sales process, ensuring that all teams are accountable and doing their part to drive more sales.

How Marketing Teams Benefit from Automation

Now that we’ve covered how automation can benefit your business, let’s look at the difference it can make to how your marketing team operates.

  • Reach more customers

When it comes to marketing your brand, there are hundreds of platforms and tactics to consider and explore but most teams are not big enough to manage a large number of channels – this is where marketing automation comes in. Marketing automation software makes it possible to reach even more customers across multiple channels in a personalised way.

  • Optimise marketing strategies

Marketing automation software forces your team to take a deep dive into the customer journey in order to create the necessary processes. By gaining a better understanding of the customer journey, it becomes easier to refine and optimise marketing strategies too.

  • Enhance targeting strategies

Targeting is the foundation of any good marketing campaign but being able to create personalised campaigns on a massive scale is a golden opportunity for businesses of all sizes.

  • Automate you’re A/B testing

A/B testing no longer has to be a manual marketing process. Marketing automation software runs ongoing A/B tests that will ensure you are achieving the best possible results without the need for hours of human intervention.

  • Social media management made easy

Imagine all the time you could save if they didn’t need to manually post to multiple social media platforms. Marketing automation has completely changed how a brand’s social media can be managed. Being able to schedule posts and campaigns ahead of time also ensures that your business is always reaching your target audience, even when you’re away.  

  • Create campaigns in a flash

Since most marketing automation tools allow you to create campaigns using a drag and drop interface, teams have more time to spend on creative aspects of their campaigns. It also means that teams no longer need in-depth technical knowledge to build campaigns.

  • Nurture leads using recommended content

If content is a core part of your marketing strategy, automation tools can make your content work harder. Marketing automation software allows teams to nurture leads using recommended content, which increases your chances of turning a prospect into a paying customer.

  • Pull detailed reports

Marketing automation software gives you access to detailed reports that will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on upcoming campaigns. Businesses will also gain a better understanding of who their key target markets are based on campaign results.

Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

Every business has different automation requirements but there are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing a platform.

  • Automation requirements. Start by looking at your business goals as well as the processes and campaigns that you want to automate – this will determine what features you should be looking for.
  • Lead requirements. Most automation platforms price their packages according to the number of leads the system can handle, so make sure that you know what your requirements are before you begin your search.
  • Platform costs. Now that you understand what your requirements are, you can start comparing platform and software costs. It’s always a good idea to check any terms and conditions for hidden costs that might crop up later to ensure the option is within your budget.
  • Learning curve. Find out how much time you may need to spend learning to use the platform before you invest. You can do this by looking into some user reviews. Ideally, you don’t want to choose a platform that is overly complex, particularly if your team is not very technical.
  • Customisation capabilities. The top marketing automation platforms can be customised, a feature you want to look out for when reviewing software options.
  • Data security. Since the implementation of GDPR, data security has become a key feature of most software and should be considered when evaluating your choices.
  • Customer support. Finally, make sure that your team will have the necessary support when they need it the most. Look into the customer support hours as well as the support options to decide whether a platform is the right choice.

Once you find the right marketing automation platform, you can truly begin to discover the benefits that it offers. In a few years from now, you will be pressed to find a business that doesn’t use automation, so why not get a head start?