The Dos and Don’ts of Using Memes in Your Contents Strategy

2019/02/25 08:00

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Thinking about creating memes for your brand? This is what you should know.

Memes have been around for so long that it’s difficult to imagine a world without them. Memes make sharing feelings, thoughts and attitudes more fun and creative and countless brands have started using them to engage with their audiences in a different way.

Memes – In Case You Missed It

If you’re still fairly new to memes, let’s start by showing you how to pronounce it: “meem”.

In a nutshell, a meme is generally a picture or video that is linked to an idea, event or behavior. In some cases, they can even take the form of a hashtag or an entire website.

LOLcats was one of the biggest names in memes a few years ago and people were sharing their content like crazy. Since then, memes have exploded across the internet, giving people and brands a new way to express themselves.

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Why Brands Love Memes

Along with them being quick and easy to create, here are a few of the other reasons why so many brands have started using memes in their online marketing.

  • Enhance your content strategy. The beauty of memes is that they’re already viral so there’s no need to always have to create something from scratch if you want to engage with your audience. Along with being great standalone pieces of content, memes can also be used to enhance other forms of content, blogs and social media posts in particular.
  • Attract new readers. Memes are eye-catching and are ideal for attracting new readers and followers. Once you draw them in, you’re one step closer to driving more traffic to your website.
  • Entertain your customers. Everyone has shared a funny meme at least once in their life. Adding them into your content mix can help increase brand awareness – if you’re getting your memes right that is.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Memes to Market Your Brand

If you want memes to enhance your online marketing in all the right ways, here are a few key dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do make sure that memes will appeal to your audience

Knowing who your audience is will allow you to make sure that memes are a form of content they enjoy and will understand. It’s also important that your brand’s tone and personality fit in with this type of content or you could end up sending mixed messages.

Do know your memes

If you want to hit the mark with memes, you need to use the right ones. If you’re going to pursue memes as a form of content, spend some time researching current trends and creating a library of memes that are relevant to your brand. Don’t forget to keep updating this library if you plan on using memes in the foreseeable future. As a side note, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can always start creating your own memes too.

Don’t be too obvious

If you’re going to go overboard with memes, they’re going to start losing their appeal. Forcing a meme into every blog or social media post means your audience is going to get tired of them very quickly. Taking a more unpredictable approach to meme placement will make them more impactful.

Don’t replace quality content with memes

When used correctly, memes can have all the right effects but you should never use memes as a replacement for valuable content, not if you want to prevent your audience from heading over to a competitor’s site. Also, if you’re not taking the time to provide your audience with quality content in between your more entertaining posts, you could end up damaging your brand’s credibility.

using memes correctly

Misusing a popular meme will definitely get your brand noticed but in all the wrong ways. It’s really important to use memes correctly if you want them to have the right effect. Make sure that you understand the intention of the joke or you could end up confusing and offending your audience. Taking the time to research memes before you use them could end up saving you a lot of embarrassment further down the line.

Brands need to remember that memes are not a quick-fix that will automatically increase your engagement rates. Instead, memes should be seen as a new way to relate to your target audience and as something to be used in moderation. Starting out slow will give you the opportunity to gauge how your audience is responding to the memes before you decide that you want to use them more often.

Using the above tips, you will be able to approach the idea of using memes in your online marketing correctly. There are a lot of memes out there so while they can add a fun and unique touch to your content, don’t rely on them too much to promote your brand.