Creating Google Ads that Crush Low Conversion Rates

2019/03/29 08:00

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If you will be spending more of your marketing budget on Google Ads this year, here is how to ramp up your advertising game.

Whether you’re still new to Google Ads or you want to make sure that you see a better ROI than last year, this article aims to provide you with some helpful tips that will help you create stronger PPC ads.

Even though digital marketing is forever changing at a rapid pace, Google Ads is still one area where businesses can apply classic advertising and marketing principles. To create an effective Google ad, it’s still vitally important to understand human psychology and to pair this with how consumers operate in a digital age.

Before You Get Started

If you’re still getting to know the Google Ads platform, it might be helpful to cover a few basics that will ensure you’re starting on the right foot.

  • Set a goal for your campaign. It’s next to impossible to create an effective Google Ads campaign when you don’t know what you want to achieve.
  • Have your customer personas close by. If you haven’t already, create personas for your customers before you start working on your ads. This will give you an in-depth idea of who you’re trying to reach and how they think.
  • Do some keyword research. Keywords will play a leading role in the success of your campaign so be sure to do your research before you get started. It’s important to keep mobile and voice search in mind during this process.
  • Set a budget. Knowing what you plan to spend on your Ads campaigns will make it easier to manage them.
  • Optimize your landing page. Your PPC ad is only as good as your landing page, so make sure that this has been optimized and that it includes a clear call to action before you hit the start button.
  • Make sure your tracking code is in place. Lastly, make sure that your conversion tracking code is in place and you should be ready to start creating your ads.

Creating Stronger Google Ads – 8 Effective Tips

1- Focus on the customer’s end goal

There are countless brands vying for the attention of your customers, so how do you stand out? By focusing on your customer’s end goal. What is it that a customer would want to accomplish by using your product or service? Knowing the answer to this question will help you to formulate copy that appeals to their specific needs.

2- Showcase your achievements

Everything naturally feels more exciting when it’s just happened, a tactic you can use in the development of your Google ad copy. To stand out, consider adding in details about how many customers you’ve serviced in the last month or use copy about a recent award or achievement.

3- Emphasize scarcity

The less available something is, the more people want it, something that you can use to your advantage when creating copy for your Google ads. Your offer could be available for a limited time or you could make a limited quantity available to see what your customers respond to. Just make sure that your offer really can be labelled as scarce – this is not a tactic that you can use every month.

4- Enhance credibility using numbers

The more specific you can be, the more credible your copy will sound. According to Chris Garett, the chief digital officer at Rainmaker Digital, including numbers or stats in your ad copy makes it more specific and it is seen as more credible.

5- Address the customer

Instead of using words such as ‘us,’ ‘we,’ or ‘I,’ use the word ‘you’. While first prize would be to use the customer’s first name in your ad, this is not yet something we can do when creating an AdWords campaign, so ‘you’ is the next best thing. Writers such as John Kuraoka agree that writing copy that addresses the customer directly can boost conversions.

6- Location makes a difference

Hyper-local ads tend to achieve much higher conversion rates than a general, national ad campaign. If you have offices or stores in different locations, consider creating separate ad campaigns that will reach consumers in those areas. Location will naturally be a part of your targeting but it’s important to work it into your copy too if it makes sense to do so.

7- Understand how consumers perceive you

Don’t try and win a battle that you already know a competitor’s won. If your idea was to compete as the low-price leader but a competitor immediately pops into your head, you may want to look at taking another approach. Turn to your USP to determine what angle you should be taking.

8- Be empathetic

By introducing empathy into your ad copy, you’re showing potential customers that you truly understand their pain points or needs. What are some of the things that your customers are worried about or afraid of? Perhaps they don’t have the time to phone and make an appointment and your brand offers an online booking system. Perhaps they are worried about high costs but you offer payment plans. Highlighting their fears and concerns and how you can abate them will work in your favor.

Once you start running your Google Ads campaigns, your next priority is to monitor and optimize on an ongoing process – this is what’s going to help you boost your conversion rates and increase your bottom line.