Top 6 Google Analytics Plugins for Your WordPress Site

2019/03/27 08:00

google analytics wordpress

It’s never been easier to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site.

WordPress is one of the most popular and versatile website platforms around today, giving you everything you need to create a robust online environment that meets the needs of different types of customers.

WordPress plugins make it easy to add advanced functionality to your site without having to delve into your code or hire a developer for the job.

Google Analytics is one of those applications that require you to add code to the header of your site in order to track website visitors, acquisition and campaign performance but there is a plugin for that too! What’s more, most plugins allow you to track your website stats directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Before you install one of these recommended plugins, you will need to create a Google Analytics account.

Top Google Analytics WordPress Plugin Options

MonsterInsights is available as a Lite or Premium version and will allow you to access your Google Analytics stats directly from your dashboard. MonsterInsights currently has over 2 million active WordPress installations and pulls data such as average page views, bounce rate and top referral sources. If you decide to purchase the premium version, you will also be able to track custom dimensions, post types and forms to name but a few

This comprehensive plugin currently has over 1 million active installations, with customisation being the primary focus. GADWP users can also view their analytics directly from their WP dashboard. Along with tracking outbound and affiliate links, you can also set custom dimensions that will allow you to track authors, tags and user engagement. Each feature has an array of filters too.

If you want to take things beyond page views and bounce rates, the WP Google Analytics Events plugin allows users to track custom events too. There is a free and pro account available, with the pro version giving you the option to track internal and external links, CTA button interactions, image clicks, video actions and more. This specific plugin will provide you with valuable insights into how users are interacting with the pages on your site.

With over 200,000 active installations, the GA Google Analytics plugin is another popular option amongst website owners. This plugin is all about convenience and it requires minimal input to implement. Users can expect speedy access to their data and the tool will always stay current with the latest tracking code. Once installed, you will also be able to customise your tracking code to suit your needs.

The Analytify plugin offers users a diverse range of reporting options, which can be viewed directly from your WordPress dashboard. With over 40,000 active installations, the Analytify plugin has one-click authorisation and offers a free and pro version. The pro version of the plugin includes features such as campaign and real-time stats as well as front-end reporting.

This popular WordPress plugin has over 200,000 active installations and includes a wide range of features that make it easy to keep track of your website stats in a way that works for you. As an added bonus, the plugin also gives you the option to display some of your stats on the front-end of your site, so that visitors can see just how popular your site is. Other features include the ability to track inbound and download links.

All of these Google Analytics plugins are designed to make tracking that much easier. There will always be times when you will need a more comprehensive overview of your traffic, which is when you will login to Google Analytics directly. Either way, Google Analytics is an important tool to have if you are serious about making online marketing work for you.