KOBIT – The Essential Web Analytics Tool for Digital Marketing Freelancers

2019/05/23 08:00

freelancer analytics

Making the decision to become a digital marketing freelancer is an exciting and bold move that can be immensely rewarding. However, freelancing is not without challenges.

There are many different balls that need to be juggled once you step into the world of freelancing, including finding and managing clients, marketing your services, chasing payments and managing your time. Then there’s the fact that you need to find ways to grow if you really want to reap the financial rewards of your endeavour. Unfortunately, finding the time and resources to grow your operation is a challenge on its own.

Finding the Time to Grow as a Freelancer

As you start operating as a digital marketing freelancer, you quickly realise which tasks take up most of your time and it’s usually those basic manual tasks that eat away at your day. Fortunately, there are ways to free up some of your valuable time and it comes in an automated form.

Automated tools are already a must for all digital marketing professionals but even more so if you are working as a freelancer.

Automated marketing tools eliminate those repetitive manual processes that take up so much of your time. It’s one thing when you’re working with a team that can assist you with manual tasks such as reporting but when you’re doing everything yourself, automated tools can help you become more efficient and allow you to focus on tasks that require inflexible manual monitoring.

Every client’s needs are different. From goals and KPIs to their overall strategy, no two reports will look the same. This means that creating a seemingly-simple Google Analytics report can be quite time-consuming. While Google Analytics reports are helpful, they don’t transform data into useful information, which is where KOBIT comes in. KOBIT takes your client’s Google Analytics data and creates hypotheses that will help them reach their goals and improve conversions.

A tool such as KOBIT is an investment that will give you the opportunity to find new ways to expand your operation without having to hire someone to assist you. By freeing up your time, you will also be able to provide customers with a better experience overall, which should automatically make a difference to your bottom line.

How KOBIT Helps Digital Marketing Freelancers Reach their Goals

KOBIT is the essential web analytics tool for digital marketing freelancers for a number of reasons.

  • Free up your schedule. Digital marketing is not what it used to be. What once took days can now be done in a few hours – even more so if you have the right tools at your disposal. KOBIT makes analysing your Google Analytics data and turning it into detailed reports that much easier. It’s never been easier to provide customers with details on how their campaigns and websites are performing, which means you will have the time to focus on the tasks you never get around to.
  • Increase your ROI. When you aren’t working as efficiently as you could be, you are losing out on additional opportunities to make more money. Investing in an automated tool such as KOBIT will liberate your budget so that you can boost your bottom line and direct your funds where they’re most needed.
  • Establish yourself as a leading industry expert. Not only does KOBIT produce detailed and insightful reports that will impress your clients but they look good too. Since our reports are not branded, they are all yours, making it easy for you to establish yourself as a leading industry expert without you having to spend hours on manual report creation. Along with providing customers with details on website and campaign performance, you can also take things one step further by forecasting future campaign performance. The more customers rely on you to help them increase their turnover, the more your freelancing business will benefit.
  • Create detailed reports based on customer goals. With the help of a unique algorithm and millions of recognised patterns, KOBIT will automatically generate the guidelines you should follow for your report based on your client’s goals. Not only will your reports by more detailed but you’ll be able to work more efficiently too.
  • Build better relationships with your customers. When you don’t need to spend an entire meeting explaining a report to your client, you get the opportunity to build better relationships with them instead. KOBIT reports are incredibly easy to understand. So much so that even someone with little to no experience with Google Analytics will be able to understand what is being reported on. All that’s left for you to do is discuss how this data can be applied to their business and how you can assist.

If you’re a busy digital marketing freelancer who is looking for a way to grow and have a more rewarding experience in 2019, sign up for a free trial here.