KOBIT Kompact Series: How Do I Build a Successful Analytics Team for My Organisation?

2019/06/13 20:00

analytics team

Data and analytics have become paramount to the success of most organisations, which means building an analytics team is something that your business may need to consider in the near future.

If you are just getting started in the analytics space, you will need a team of two:

  • Data Engineer. A data engineer will help you to build and optimise the systems that will allow the rest of the team members to do their jobs. A data engineer is responsible for ensuring your data is received, transformed and stored correctly. Data engineers have a strong background in software development.
  • Data Analyst. Analysts tend to fill a few different roles, ensuring the organisation is making data-driven decisions. A data analyst is responsible for turning data into actionable information that answers questions and helps the business make better decisions.

If you’ve been in the analytics space for some time and want to expand your team, you can add one more member to your team:

  • Data Scientist. Statistics and machine learning are at the core of what a data scientist does. Machine learning models will help your organisation make predictions and find answers to pressing business questions. A data scientist is very similar to a data analyst – their knowledge is just slightly more in depth.

Depending on the size of your projects and your team, you may eventually want to hire a project manager who can drive the initiatives of your analytics team, but this should only be considered once your team reaches 15+ members.