What Kind of Goals Can I Set Up in Google Analytics?

2019/06/30 20:00

google analytics goals

Tracking traffic volumes can be useful but how are you checking whether your marketing efforts are making a difference in your business? This is where goals come in.

There are four types of goals that can be created using the Google Analytics platform:

  • Destination Goals

Destination goals help you to determine when a visitor lands on a specific page. If you want to track how many people land on an Add to Cart or Thank You page, this is the goal you would use. If you will be using campaign URLs with UTM codes, be sure to track Begins with as your URL match type so that Google Analytics records all conversions linked to that URL.

  • Duration Goals

If you want to track engagement on your site, this is the right goal to set up. Most marketers use this goal to determine whether visitors are lingering on their site for as long as they would like. When you create a Duration goal, you will be asked to specify a time. For example, perhaps you want to track how many visitors spend at least 5 minutes on your website.

  • Pages/Screens per Session Goals

This is another straight forward goal that will help you track how many pages a visitor browses before leaving your website. This goal is ideal for identifying the sections of your site that may need improvement. You may find that most visitors are exiting your site on specific pages – this is data that can help you boost your conversions and improve the buyer’s journey on your site.

  • Event Goals

Event goals are ideal for tracking the interactions that aren’t automatically measured by Google Analytics. Examples include PDF downloads, time spent watching a video, online form completions and clicks on outbound links. You will need to fill in a few more fields to create an Event goal but it is simple enough and can provide you with valuable information.

Google Analytics Goals should definitely be a part of your website measurement and reporting efforts in 2019 and beyond.