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2019/07/09 20:23

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There are a number of different ways to create a lead generation landing page that converts but forms are probably one of the most important elements because it’s what you want your website visitors to engage with.

LeadGen – A Brief Overview

LeadGen is definitely one of the most flexible and easy-to-use form building tools. Not only can you create a wide variety of forms but it only takes a few minutes to complete each form too. Whether you want to add people to your email list, build a form that generates a custom pricing quote or if you want to get people registered for a webinar, LeadGen makes it easy to create engaging forms that convert. 

LeadGen is built with user behaviour in mind, which means each form can be customised for a unique user journey, matched with your own branding. We have tried many form-builders before, but a common problem is that forms often look quite static and not like your own brand. We came across LeadGen because Chris, the Co-Founder of the online tool, reached out to us via Twitter. He found one of our landing pages and shared suggestions on what we can improve to optimise the lead capture process.

Here is one example of a great lead capture form in the travel industry for tour operators:


Even though you still need to have a strategy in place for each of your lead generation landing pages, at least you won’t need to put too much thought into the development of each of your forms. In a nutshell, you can build a LeadGen form in three steps:

Step 1: Add your questions in the form-builder 

Step 2: Set your branding style, colours and fonts suited to your brand

Step 3: Embed the form on your landing page, website or blog or send the link out on social media

Why We Recommend It

Here are just a few of the reasons why we would recommend LeadGen to other businesses who want to enhance their lead generation efforts:

  • Customisable styling. Even though the tool already has a good selection of styling options, it is also possible to create unique designs by editing the CSS file. 
  • No coding experience necessary. Speaking of CSS files, if you don’t have any development experience, it’s still incredibly easy to create eye-catching forms using the built-in styling options.
  • Track and experiment. LeadGen users can pull detailed reports on all of their forms, which make it easy to A/B test and experiment until you find a formula that drives more conversions. 
  • Custom user journeys. We know that no two users are the same, so why should their experience be? LeadGen makes it possible to present users with different questions based on their answers. Once the user journey has been completed, users will be sent to a custom Thank-You page.
  • GDPR compliance. LeadGen forms are safe and GDPR compliant – this is a big deal. If like us, you deal with customers from the EU, LeadGen can provide you with customisable GDPR question types. And because this tool functions as a data processor, data protection is not something you need to worry about. 
  • Easy integrations. Tools that don’t offer 3rd-party integrations don’t generally make it onto our list of recommendations because it’s such an essential feature for today’s marketers. LeadGen can easily be integrated with several other digital marketing platforms, including Zapier.
  • Instantly follow up with leads. For many businesses, time is of the essence, which is why we love the fact that your sales team receives instant lead notifications once a new form has been completed. 
  • Try it out first. Any business that offers a free trial is confident in what they have to offer. It’s so important for brands to make sure that a tool will really benefit them before they start paying for it, which is exactly what LeadGen lets you do.

Building Lead Generation Forms that Convert

A common complaint amongst marketers is that they’re generating their expected traffic numbers but conversion rates are not where they need them to be. This is where tools such as LeadGen can really make a noticeable difference. 

Your lead generation page is actually one of the most critical points in your conversion funnel because it’s your first point of contact with potential clients and it can make or break a potential sale.

For many businesses, leads are the only way to actually make a sale, which is why it’s so important to get this step right. 

LeadGen helps businesses who want to enhance their lead generation efforts and results.

We are using LeadGen for our business and highly recommend it to our clients. Try it out yourself!

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