How Can I Use Google Analytics to Improve SEO Rankings?

2019/07/18 20:00

google analytics seo

Google Analytics is an integral part of every digital marketer’s online toolbox, but is it possible to boost your SEO rankings using this platform?

The answer is yes – here’s how.

Track Visitor Demographics & Interests

By collecting data on your website visitors, you learn more about them. This means that you can create content, offer products and provide them with a user experience that meets their needs and preferences. Running an online store? Focus on the visitors who spend the most time and money to create a strategy that will help you attract more of the same.

Link Search Console to Google Analytics

To keep track of the queries that are driving visitors to your site and to make sure that you’re ranking for the right keywords, link Search Console to Google Analytics. You will find this report under Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. Tracking queries will also tell you a lot about user intent.

Track Your Referrals

Backlinks from quality sites will definitely have a positive effect on your SEO efforts, which is why it helps to keep track of your referrals. You will find your Referrals report under the Acquisition and All Traffic tabs. Knowing which high-authority sites are linking back to yours may open the door to new backlinking opportunities.

Monitor Organic Landing Pages

By monitoring your site’s organic landing pages, you can easily pick up on any potential problems that may be driving visitors away. A high bounce rate or low time on page is an indication that searchers are not finding what they need.

Look into Site Speed

Speed is an important part of Google’s algorithms, which is why it helps to keep an eye on your page speed report to ensure it isn’t affecting your SEO rankings. You will find this report under the Behavior tab.

To make it even easier to report on SEO using Google Analytics, you may want to create a custom SEO dashboard.