How Should I Handle Duplicate Content on My Ecommerce Site?

2019/07/23 20:00

duplicated content

There are several reasons why ecommerce sites tend to struggle with duplicate content more than other websites.

One common scenario is that many resellers are forced to use the manufacturer’s content on their site, which is, unfortunately, also being used on several other reseller sites.

The second scenario is the fact that product copy is often used on both category and product pages, which is also seen as a form of duplicate content. So, how do you address this as an ecommerce site owner?

Ecommerce SEO – Dealing with Duplicate Content

Here are some tips that will help you address the issue of duplicate content:

  • Use Unique Descriptions for Category Pages

Instead of using snippets of information from product pages for your category pages, rather create unique descriptions to make it easier for Google to differentiate between these pages. This way, when a user searches for a type of product instead of a specific product, your category page will be a better match.  As an added measure, make sure that users can easily filter products on your category page to provide them with a better experience.

  • Differentiate the Page

If a manufacturer requires all resellers to use specific product information on their site, try adding some unique content to the page to differentiate it. Perhaps there are a few extra specs or features that you can add to the copy or you could enhance the page with a few customer reviews. Just make sure that the content is actually useful or it will miss the mark.xº

  • Make Use of Iframes

Another way that you can prevent the duplicate content from being associated with your URL is to use iframes. Google doesn’t crawl information in iframes, which is why this tactic can help when you’re dealing with duplicate content on an ecommerce website.

  • Add More Duplicate Content to the Site

Many websites combine useful information from a variety of different sites to create their pages – Rotten Tomatoes is a prime example of such a site. Once Google recognises that the content is both useful and present on multiple other sites, it will want to keep it in the index.

If you’re going to start applying these tactics to the pages on your site, start with the most popular pages and work your way down.