Is DuckDuckGo Better than Google?

2019/07/28 20:00

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DuckDuckGo is officially receiving over 30 million search queries every day – no wonder it has become a hot topic amongst search engine marketers. The real question on everyone’s mind is whether it’s truly better than Google?

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Google vs. DuckDuckGo: A Brief Overview

While DuckDuckGo is generating some impressive numbers, Google does still hold a larger share of the search market. Let’s take a closer look at the main ways that these two search engines differ.

  • User tracking. To provide users with a more personalised experience, Google collects in-depth data on users. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, values privacy, which means users won’t get the same kind of personalisation.
  • Local search accuracy. This point ties in with the one above – since DuckDuckGo doesn’t track user location, it’s less capable of delivering personalised local search results, something that’s really important to many search marketers.
  • Search results display. The way that the search results are displayed is pretty much the same across both sites. Both Google and DuckDuckGo list 10 search results per page and give users the option to search in the Image, Video & Map categories. The only real difference is that DuckDuckGo simply lists the next page’s results right under the first page instead of taking you to a new page.

Which is the Best Search Engine?

Even though DuckDuckGo’s clean and simple interface and steadily growing search numbers are something to boast about, they still only own less than one percent of the search market share. Google, Bing and even Yahoo are all still surpassing the search platform. It is growing in popularity though, which means it’s definitely a platform that search marketers should keep an eye on.

With Google being the giant that they are, chances are DuckDuckGo is always going to be playing catch up, which begs the question, will they ever really be as good as Google? You decide.