How Do I Use Ahrefs for SEO?

2019/08/03 20:00

ahrefs seo

Ahrefs is an impressive tool and countless marketers use it to enhance their SEO efforts. If you’ve never used Ahrefs before, you’re probably wondering what it can do for your brand. We have outlined some of the basic ways that you can make the most of this popular tool.

Using Ahrefs to Enhance Your SEO Efforts

Discover new content opportunities

By using Ahref’s Site Explorer tool, you can identify competitor pages that are generating high traffic volumes and get in on the action. Once you’ve typed in a competitor’s domain, look under the Top Pages menu to view top performing pages based on organic traffic.

Find out how and where your competitors are generating backlinks

By understanding how your competitors are generating backlinks, you should be able to replicate their efforts and boost your own domain. Again, type a competitor site into the Site Explorer tool and look under the Backlinks menu under New.

Identify new keywords with high traffic and low competition

Using the Content Explorer tool, you can find a collection of long-tail keywords with low competition that could potentially drive additional traffic to your site. All you need is a general keyword that’s related to your brand, product or service. You should also set the maximum number of referring domains to zero and the organic traffic value to a minimum of a thousand to see keywords with low competition and a decent amount of traffic.

Correct potential SEO issues

Ahref’s Site Audit tool will help you to pick on SEO issues that could harm your site’s performance. Whether you want a general health score or want to take a deep dive into specific issues, this tool can help you do that.

Track your ranking progress

Ahref’s is one of the few tools that make it easy for you to track your rankings for specific keywords. The Rank Tracker tool allows you to add a list of keywords that you want to track and will add them to daily and weekly reports.

If you are interested in trying Ahrefs out for yourself, they do offer a free trial for $7.