Is it necessary to get a 100% Score in Google PageSpeed Insights

2019/08/07 20:00

pagespeed 100

Since page speed has become such an important ranking factor, it’s only natural to wonder whether achieving a score of 100% in Google PageSpeed Insights is necessary.

According to Hosting Facts, websites that took more than 3 seconds to load saw a site abandonment rate of at least 40% and over 50% of users were unwilling to complete a purchase if site speed was too slow.

There are a number of different ways that you can improve your page speed score, including reducing image sizes, cleaning up unnecessary HTML and CSS and removing unnecessary plugins if you’re using a platform such as WordPress. However, is it truly worthwhile to place such a huge focus on page speed?

The answer is no.

Achieving a Google PageSpeed score of 100% is certainly appealing but the reality is that you will be letting other factors that affect user experience fall by the wayside. Website speed will certainly help provide your visitors with a superior experience but this won’t matter much if your website isn’t meeting their needs.

If you can achieve at a page speed score of 80/100 or more, you’re already above average and there’s no need to sacrifice the quality of your content or products in order to reach 100%.

John Mueller of Google was once also mentioned that your page speed score can change without you having to make a single change. This is because Google’s algorithms are changing all the time and it would actually be next to impossible to maintain a score of 100% throughout your site’s lifetime.

Google PageSpeed Insights should always be a tool that you use to improve your site’s performance but page speed is only a piece of the SEO puzzle and should be treated as such.