What is a Crawl Budget?

2019/08/18 20:00

crawl budget

If you’re an online marketer and handles the SEO for a brand, it’s important to understand what crawl budget is.

Crawl budget refers to the number of pages or URLs Google can or will want to crawl on your website. Naturally, if a large percentage of your web pages are not being crawled, you won’t receive as much traffic and fewer of your pages will rank in Google.

A crawl budget is made up of two elements:

  1. Crawl rate limit. A crawl rate limit ensures that Google doesn’t make too many requests at once, which can slow down your website. If your site or server response time is slow, your crawl rate limit will drop.
  2. Crawl demand. If there is a low indexing demand, Google will avoid crawling the pages on your site. Websites that are popular and receive higher volumes of traffic have a higher crawl rate demand.

To find your crawl budget, login to Google Search Console and go to the Performance tab.

Factors that Affect Your Crawl Budget

Increasing Your Crawl Budget

Here are a few ways that you can increase your crawl budget:

If you’re involved with SEO for websites, crawl budget is an important factor to consider. A low crawl budget won’t get Google’s attention, which means your web pages won’t get the chance to grab the attention of customers. However, a high crawl budget doesn’t guarantee a ranking boost either, so you will need to find just the right balance.