What information can Google Insights give me?

2019/09/01 20:00

google insights

Google Insights is linked to Google My Business and can provide you with an array of interesting data on the people who interact with your local listing.

Google Insights can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics and Search Console, ensuring you have access to as much detailed information on website visitors and potential customers as possible.

Here is the data that you can extract from Google Insights:

  • How Customers Search for Your Business. Customers can either discover your business by directly searching for your business name or address, by searching for a service or product or by searching for a business related to yours – find out how most searchers are finding your business.
  • Queries Used to Find Your Business. Discover the most popular search queries related to your Google Business listing. This information can be used to better optimise your listing.
  • Where Customers View Your Business on Google. Find out whether more searchers view your business on Google Maps or within Google’s search results.
  • Customer Actions. This graph will tell you what searchers are doing once they view your business listing. They can visit your website, request directions or get in touch.
  • Direction Requests. Find out which areas customers most often request directions from, information that will definitely allow you to optimise your offering or even expand your business.
  • Phone Calls. Google Insights can also tell you when and how many times customers call your business within a specific period of time.
  • Photo Views. If you’ve added photos to your Google Business listing, you’ll be able to see how many times your photos were viewed and see how you compare to other businesses.
  • Photo Quantity. Finally, Google will also track how many photos appear for your business and how you compare to other business.

Whether you run a local business or not, Google Insights can provide you with some valuable insights that can help shape your SEO strategy.