What Google courses should I be taking in 2019?

2019/09/05 20:00

google free courses

If you’re an online marketer, chances are you use a Google platform on a daily basis, so it only makes sense to understand as much as you can about this search engine, content and advertising giant.

If 2019 is the year you want to upskill and enhance your Google-related knowledge, these are the courses we recommend you sign up for:

Whether you’re just getting started, need a refresher or want to take your analytics skills to the next level, the Google Analytics Academy offers four analytics-related courses for different types of users, a Data Studio intro course as well as a course on Google Tag Manager. If you have some time to spare before the end of the year, consider taking one of these courses.

Again, if you are just getting started with online marketing, this basic course from Google will teach you about building an online strategy as well as an online presence. You will also learn about how to get started with search and make it work for any business. After completing 26 modules, you will receive a recognised certification.

Mobile is fast becoming the future, which is why we also recommend this mobile web specialist course that was developed in conjunction with Google but is available on Udacity. This course covers frontend mobile development skills, which will teach you to create accessible and responsive web apps.

This course only has 3 modules but it is still valuable. Using web analytics, marketers and businesses can easily track and measure their progress and results. This course will show you how to use analytics to understand the needs and behaviour of your customers, both new and existing.

In less than 10 hours, you will understand how to manage your brand’s online campaigns and protect them from cyber-attacks. The course explores the most common online platforms used to reach your target audience and how you can make the most of every digital campaign.

Who better to learn the basics of SEO and SEM from than Google themselves. This free course won’t take you longer than 3 hours and you’ll learn how to connect with the right customers more often using SEO and SEM basics.

Finally, we believe everyone should know how to promote a brand using online advertising, which is why we recommend this course too. Over 5 courses, you will learn how to use display advertising as well as email and video marketing to promote your brand online.

There are so many great Google-related courses that you can take, it all depends on what you want to achieve. However, Google’s free courses and certifications are a great way to spend some of your additional time if you want to upskill this year.