A Guide to Using FameBit to Market Your Brand on YouTube

2019/09/08 20:00

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Video marketing is big and now you can make the most of YouTube with a little help from FameBit and influencers.

Thanks to the internet, there are countless ways to reach your target audience. Unfortunately, newer generations are a little harder to convince and their preferences are vastly different, which is why a very specific approach to marketing is required.

Many of today’s brands are roping in influencers to help them reach and get through to their target audiences. A study by Mediakix showed that 89% of businesses say that influencer marketing produces the same if not better results than other channels.

Influencer marketing budgets have been increasing year on year as brands continue to use influencers to be more relevant and relatable.

Influencer Marketing: A Brief Recap

An influencer is anyone who has built a loyal online following. Influencer marketing is when brands partner with a relevant influencer in order to boost brand awareness as well as conversions.

Influencers are sponsored in exchange for them endorsing products or services or partnering with a brand. There are a number of brands that have tried and failed with influencer marketing but in most instances, this is because their content wasn’t planned out and executed in an authentic and strategic way.

Influencer marketing is an art – not only do you need to partner with the right influencers but your content needs to be on point too. Before you approach an influencer, make sure that their values align with those of your brand and that they are speaking to your target audience.

To increase the success of your campaign, it’s important to collaborate with an influencer instead of telling them exactly what to do word for word. You also want to lay out clear terms and timelines and ensure you can track your campaigns.

Since the influencer marketing process can be complex, many brands are choosing to work with a service provider that can help make things a little easier – enter FameBit.

A Look at the FameBit Platform

FameBit is a platform where brands and influencers come together to create meaningful and engaging content that reaches the right audiences.

Here are the basics of how it works:

  • Set Your Campaign Requirements. Brands start off by deciding which platform they want to promote on and what their budget is.
  • Receive Proposals. Any influencers who feel they might be a good fit for your campaign will send you proposals.
  • Select Your Influencers. Since the proposals you receive will examples of the influencer’s past work and audience demographics, you can start narrowing your choices.
  • Collaborate and Create. Once you’ve selected one or more influencer, the content creation process can begin. After you’ve signed off on the content, the influencer will share it online and report back on the results.

FameBit gives brands the choice to create and promote content with the help of influencers across a number of different platforms but in this instance, we recommend using this platform for video content? Not only is FameBit run by YouTube but video marketing is incredibly powerful.

Why Use FameBit for Video Marketing

Regardless of the size of your business or niche, any brand can benefit from video content. Here are some of the reasons to consider using FameBit for influencer video content.

Consumers Love Videos

According to Smart Insights, over and above social media, video is the most popular online activity. Consumers also prefer learning new things using video instead of text.

Then there’s the fact that videos are one of the most popular content formats on social media. This means that even when people are spending time on social media, chances are they’re watching a video. Facebook users alone watch over 100 million hours of video PER DAY.

Another study by Business Insider and HubSpot confirmed that  82% of all traffic online will be attributed to video content by 2021. Even YouTube has reported that mobile traffic to videos has been increasing by 100% every year.

Video Increases Trust

When your customers are confident in your knowledge and ability to fulfil their needs, your brand can look forward to more success. One way to demonstrate your capabilities is through video content – having an endorsement from a reputable influencer certainly helps too.  Video content can be interesting, informative and engaging – plus you have the option of creating content on a wide variety of topics, including your products and services.

Video Helps Increase Sales

A recent article by Neil Patel showed that video has the ability to increase sales by over 140%. Whether you use a video on a landing page or to demonstrate one of your products or services, it has the power to boost conversions because it increases credibility and trust. Research by Animoto confirmed that video can influence the buying decision – not only are consumers more willing to learn about a product or service through video content but they’re more likely to make a purchase too.

Google Loves Videos Too

Videos are one way to get website visitors to spend more time on your site, which is a signal to Google that your content is engaging and informative. Google is always on the lookout for fresh and informative content and often includes videos in featured snippets, which appear at the top of search results. You can also enhance the results of your video by implementing SEO best practices when creating the title and description and when uploading it online (schema markup).

Video and Mobile Go Hand in Hand

Statistics show that the vast majority of videos are viewed on a mobile device and with the growth that mobile is currently undergoing, it only makes sense to make video a part of your content strategy. Obviously, video should only be pursued if you can produce entertaining or informative, high-quality videos, which is why partnering with influencers can really help.

Videos Stand Out

There is no shortage of online content, which means it’s that much harder to grab the attention of potential customers. Videos make it that much easier to stand out though, especially if you have an influencer to spread the word. Even though video stands out, your content still can’t be mediocre, especially considering that the majority of online users won’t watch a full video.

How Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Brand

You might not be too keen on the idea of having to source additional budget for a new marketing tactic but there are a number of fantastic benefits associated with influencer marketing. The fact that so many brands are increasing their influencer marketing budget speaks to its effectiveness too.

Here’s why you should consider FameBit in 2019:

Build Brand Credibility & Increase Awareness

When an influencer endorses or promotes your brand, it instantly increases its credibility. Influencers already have a loyal following, which means followers trust and value what they have to say and want to know more about the brands, products and services they use because they want to do the same.

If your brand is fairly new or you just don’t feel you’re getting the traction you need, influencer marketing can boost brand awareness, ensuring your target audience not only finds out about you but wants to know more about you too.

Speak to Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

Influencer marketing is particularly effective if you’re looking to target millennials and Gen Z customers. These two generations not only spend a lot of time online but they base a lot of their decisions on the opinions of others. They’re the consumers that want to hear from friends, family and people they respect before making a purchase. They’ll also read a review before they make any decisions, even if that decision is choosing to eat at a certain restaurant.

Influencers Set Trends

Influencers have the power to make something trendy because their followers idolise their opinions and expertise, which means influencer marketing can be one of the most powerful ways to launch a new product or concept. Plus, they have the ability to really amplify your reach.

Increase Sales

At the end of the day, brands want to increase sales and influencer marketing has the ability to do that. Along with ensuring more potential customers find out about your product or service, influencers also give your offering additional credibility, which helps speed up the sales cycle.

To truly benefit from influencer and video marketing, it’s important to remember that in most cases, it’s a long-term endeavour. Yes, there is a time and a place for once-off campaigns but influencer marketing is more about the long-term benefits, which is why brands need to make the effort to build relationships with influencers as much as they need to create memorable campaigns.