Is Clickbait Bad for SEO?

2019/09/03 20:00

effective clickbaits

Clickbait is a term that surfaced a few years ago and the concept spread like wildfire because it sparked so much curiosity in online users.

Clickbait headlines are designed to increase clicks and drive more traffic to your website but there are a lot of mixed opinions about whether these types of headlines will harm or boost your SEO efforts. 

So, is clickbait something you should still invest your time in? The answer is, it depends.

How Clickbait Can Enhance or Harm Your SEO Efforts

There is definitely still a place for clickbait content but in order for it to make a positive difference SEO-wise, your content actually needs to deliver on the catchy headline. The only time that an attention-grabbing headline could ever harm your SEO efforts is if hundreds or even thousands of online users clicked through to your site, only to bounce away once the content didn’t deliver.

However, if you create valuable or entertaining content and decide to add a clickbait headline to it to make it more appealing, it definitely has the potential to benefit your website. According to content and SEO expert, Rand Fishkin, clickbait content is ideal for brands that want to generate raw brand awareness, drive additional traffic to their sites for retargeting purposes and boost link equity in order to rank for more stuff. 

The idea is that if a piece of viral content can earn a lot of attention, the other content on your site will receive the same. Over and above this, when there are more links coming into a site from across the web, the site is seen as more authoritative. 

If you have the capacity to create viral content that has the potential to draw in multiple links from across the web and deliver on the clickbait headlines, this type of content has the potential to enhance your SEO efforts.