How Can Marketers Avoid Infoxication?

2019/09/10 20:00

what it infoxication

Infoxication is a modern-day term used to describe the impossible task of making a decision or staying up to date on a particular topic purely because there is such an endless amount of data and content on the web.

Today’s marketers have an abundance of data available to them. Even offline campaigns offer a wealth of information. However, the reality is that we really do have too much data and too little time to make use of it.

So, how can marketers avoid infoxication? Here are a few tips

Tips for Avoiding Infoxication as a Marketer

  • Find the right tools

There are a number of great tools that make data collection and content organisation that much easier – Feedly is one such tool. Not only does Feedly help you discover useful sources of information but you can view everything in one place too. Newsblur, Netvibes, Feedreader and Bloglovin’ are other examples of tools that can help marketers avoid infoxication.

  • Create new models that cater to your requirements

Get clear on your data requirements, so that you can create models that will cater to your data collection and interpretation need. By following sticking to specific problem-solving models, it becomes easier to not feel overwhelmed by a problem.

  • Develop a list of trusted resources

Instead of sourcing and sifting through an endless list of resources every time you need new information, start creating a database of trusted resources that you can turn to for data collection and stick to them. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find what you need and that the data is reliable.

Infoxication is a reality for digital professionals but it doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying your job as a marketer. All that you need is a little structure and you’re good to go.