Instagram Stories Tactics That Will Help Boost Your Brand

2018/05/07 08:30

The Instagram Stories tactics you should be using to take your social media strategy to the next level.

Over 70% of brands in the US are using Instagram as part of their social media strategies and since the introduction of Stories to the platform has encouraged users to spend up to 10 more minutes on the platform every day, this feature has become an integral part of how brands are using this popular social media platform.

Instagram Stories recap

In 2016, Instagram took on Snapchat by launching temporary posts or stories that only last 24 hours. Since then, the platform has introduced a number of different formats and features that you can use to sell your brand’s story online in the most unique way possible.

Instagram Stories give you the chance to share those fleeting moments and events that you don’t necessarily want to display on your brand’s profile indefinitely and are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality too.

Before you create your Instagram strategy or start using Instagram Stories, it’s also important to keep the following basics top of mind:

  • Understand your audience. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of your audience, you won’t be able to anticipate their needs and create content that they’ll really want to see and engage with.
  • Use your brand’s identity as a base. Even though Instagram Stories allow you to get a little crazy and creative doesn’t mean that you should stray from your brand’s identity. It’s incredibly important to be consistent online to avoid confusing your customers.
  • It’s all about engagement. Before you start creating your content, remember that Instagram is very much built on user engagement and your content should continue to encourage as much engagement as possible if you want to benefit from this social platform.

The Instagram Stories tactics you should be using

Whether your brand is new to Instagram or you’re simply looking to make the most out of your stories, here are a few tips and tactics for you to implement and use.

  1. Make use of text overlays

Even though Instagram gives you the option to add a call to action to your story, it can often be missed. Encourage viewers to take a specific action by using text overlays to add an additional call to action to your story. Overlays give you the option to change up the text size and colour, and stickers can also be used to give it that extra-personal touch.

  1. Perform a little market research

Instead of attempting to get a focus group together in person, why not start a live story that your followers can join to give you their opinions right there and then. Instagram has also recently added a poll function to their stories, making it easier than ever for brands to ask their customers exactly what they want or what their opinions are. Stories are the modern and instantaneous market research tactic you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Create live demos or tutorials

Have an interesting tutorial or product demo that you can share with your followers? A live Instagram Stories is a great way to offer your followers a more personalised brand experience while receiving live engagement and feedback. A report by L2 showed that 5.2 million people viewed brand-created Instagram videos during Q1 2017, which shows the power in developing live videos for your market.

  1. Don’t forget that link

Instagram’s ‘swipe up’ feature means that you can take followers directly to a URL of your choice or a contact form that you can use to capture leads. It’s been shown that 70% of Instagram users take action after visiting a brand’s post. Instagram Stories could be the tactic you need to increase your conversions and overall online performance.

  1. Discover Instagram takeovers

Broaden your reach by using Instagram’s takeover functionality to take over another Instagrammer’s account for 24 hours. Not only will you reach a brand new audience but it will help your brand build relationships with key influencers too. Just be sure to partner with the right types of influencers in order to have the most powerful impact.

  1. Share the love

Get your followers and other brands involved in your stories by including their content in your stories and tagging them. This is an authentic way to show your customers that you care and that your brand is paying attention. Running promotions and competitions are also a great way to promote your brand using user-generated content.

  1. Don’t forget the sound

Over 60% of all Instagram stories are viewed with the sound on, which is why all brands should take sound into consideration during the creation of their stories. It could be a simple way to make your story stand out and could encourage more users to share it too. A great soundtrack can truly turn an entire story around.

  1. Use Instagram Stories ads

A story ad works in exactly the same way that a normal Instagram Stories does with the exception of being able to target your ads by reach, app installs, brand awareness, video views or traffic. You are also able to view the results of your ads in order to optimise any future campaigns. A strong call to action is incredibly important when making use of story ads.

There are so many different ways to be creative on Instagram. Remember to keep a close eye on your customers to see what content they’re interested in and how they’re using Instagram. It’s also a good idea to keep track of what your competitors are doing to see how they may be utilising the platform differently. It’s not about copying them but finding ways to do something even better.

How will you be using Instagram to grow your brand in 2018?