Interview with LaraJ: Impressions after using KOBIT

2018/05/11 08:35

Company profile

Company Name: Lara ‘J

Interviewee: Mr. Wee Jun Wei


Q1. Please tell us about your business.

Female apparels. E-commerce.


Q2. What are some of the challenges that you face in expanding your business prior using KOBIT?

  • Too many analytics software to use.
  • Causes confusion.
  • Cannot find actionable goals too. Usual analytics software just shows numbers without much information about it.


Q3. How did KOBIT help you resolve the challenges you face?

KOBIT’s report is in-depth but at the same time actionable. Because KOBIT adds in their explanation and recommendation to each of the metric in GA. Previously I can’t take action on the GA’s metric because there are just too many features. KOBIT condensed everything in a report which is easy to read and act on.


Q4. What was your experience in trying out KOBIT?

Straightforward. Quite easy to use too.

I got a lot of information I wouldn’t have gotten previously if I were to just use my GA normally.

With KOBIT, I get to know which metric is a result of which business controls working / not working well. Improvements can be done this way.


Q5. How would you like KOBIT to improve?

I think maybe there could be a quarterly report option instead of monthly. Or maybe a one-time payment for a report. Why I am suggesting this is because I don’t think my analytics will change drastically month to month. In this case, sometimes I wouldn’t need to have monthly reports. Maybe I need a report every month when I am doing major tweaks. But once I hit the metric I want, probably I won’t need a report every month.


Q6. What would you say to people deciding whether to use KOBIT?

Generate a report and look at the suggestions KOBIT gives you. You will definitely find actionable and valuable insights to your business you never knew before.


We appreciate Mr. Wee Jun Wei having placed confidence in KOBIT and for answering our questions.