9 Simple Tactics for Enhancing Your AdWords Click-Through Rate

2018/05/23 05:43

Boost the results of your AdWords campaigns by making sure that more people click through to your website.

How many people click through to your website or landing page is one of the most significant metrics for determining how successful your AdWords campaigns are. Keeping an eye on your click-through rates is also the best way to optimise your campaigns and achieve the best possible return on investment.

According to Statista, your click-through rate (CTR) should ideally be more than 2.5% if you want to be on par with the industry average. If your CTR happens to be lower than this, there are a few tactics that you can use to increase that number.

Tactics for boosting your AdWords CTR

  1. Increase visibility using ad extensions

In an effort to help brands enhance the visibility of their ads and increase click-through rates, Google introduced ad extensions. Essentially, ad extensions give you the opportunity to add additional information to your ads. Here are a few examples of the extra information you can add:

  • Review extensions allow you to add customer reviews to your ads.
  • Sitelink extensions are additional links that take people to specific pages of your site other than the final URL of your ad.
  • Callout extensions are snippets of text that you can use to draw more attention to your ad.
  • Call extensions allow you to add a phone number to your ad so that people can call you directly from there.
  • App download extensions give the option to encourage app downloads as well as clicks to your website

There are a number of automatic and manual ad extensions for you to choose from, you simply need to decide on your ad goals first.

  1. Don’t discount the effectiveness of your display URL

All brands should use their display URLs as marketing copy. Your display URL gives you the opportunity to add 35 more characters to your ad, an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted if you want to enhance your click-through rates.

Using your primary targeted keyword in your URL will help emphasise to searchers that your ad is the most relevant to their search query. Another approach that you can take is to include product names, features and benefits in your display URLs to make them more enticing.

  1. Symbols and numbers will help you stand out

When it comes to standing out from your competitors, simply adding numbers or symbols to the headlines of your ads will ensure that you catch the eyes of potential customers more easily.

Trademark and copyright icons are examples of symbols that you can use to help your ad stand out, which in turn should help you get more clicks.

  1. Make use of negative keywords

In order to keep your ads relevant and make sure that you’re not showing up in results that you shouldn’t be, it’s important to also include negative keywords when setting up your AdWords campaigns.

Negative keywords will tell Google which search phrases you don’t want to show up for. This subtle yet effective tactic will ensure that you’re only showing up in front of the most relevant users, which should increase your CTR too.

  1. Generate urgency using countdown timers

FOMO or fear of missing out is still something that marketers everywhere are using to generate more conversions, and AdWords gives you the opportunity to do the same.

By adding a simple snippet to your headline or description, you can add a countdown timer to your ads. Clarks America saw a 32% boost in their ad CTRs through the use of a countdown timer, while Merkle | IMPAQT who used a countdown timer in their ads over Black Friday, also saw a significant increase in their CTRs when compared to ads that just used copy.

You will find instructions on how to implement the countdown timer here.

  1. Utilise device bid adjustments

If you’ve been running campaigns on Google AdWords for some time now, you may have noticed that your ads often get more exposure on mobile devices than desktop, this is simply because there are more people searching on mobile.

However, this is not to say that your ads are performing better on mobile though. Device bid adjustments give you greater control over how you spend your budget and where your ads are displayed based on device performance.

  1. Forget the broad match keywords

If you want to make your ads as relevant as possible, it’s best to stay away from broad match keywords when creating your ads. Broad match terms could end up triggering ads for searches that aren’t as relevant as they could be, resulting in very low CTRs.

If you want to see more click-throughs on your ads, it’s better to stick to a combination of phrase and exact match keywords.

  1. Know your audience

Customer research is critical when it comes to creating ad copy that’s going to get clicks. It’s one thing to have a killer set of keywords but if you’re not creating and using ad copy that truly resonates with your target audience, you’re not going to see the high number of clicks that you’re hoping for.

Take the time to really understand your target audience and what their pain points and needs are before you even attempt your ad copy. Add a dash of creativity and you could turn your entire AdWords campaign around.

  1. Rather leave the pricing out of it

When you include pricing and numbers in your ads, it reminds customers that they will need to spend money in order to fulfil a need, something that can result in you losing a click altogether.

If you would prefer to use some sort of pricing in your ad, rather advertise a percentage discount as this emphasises what a user can save instead of what they will be spending.

Over and above using these tactics, the real secret to running successful AdWords campaigns is to keep testing and keep optimising.

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