Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

2018/06/18 08:00

List of Digital Marketing mistakes to avoid in 2018

If you want your digital marketing strategy to produce better results this year, avoid these common mistakes.

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy isn’t rocket science but a few simple mistakes could end up costing you the results you were hoping for.

The digital marketing landscape is always changing and evolving and requires marketers to be at the top of their game at all times. When it comes to implementing your online strategy, however, sticking to a few basics and best practices are all you need to succeed.

Common digital marketing mistakes to stay clear of

Below are some of the most common reasons why digital marketing strategies tend to fail:

Making goals an afterthought

Failure to plan is planning to fail – Alan Lakein

Both your overall digital strategy and your individual marketing campaigns should be connected to very specific goals. You are setting your brand up for failure by not outlining what you hope to achieve during the year or with a particular campaign. Setting goals also ensure that you can track your progress and optimise your efforts accordingly.

Speaking of tracking

If you want to succeed at digital marketing, you need to become very well acquainted with your analytics. Tracking your performance on a regular basis means you’ll be able to adjust your campaigns where necessary and make the most of your budget. By tracking and optimising your online marketing campaigns to achieve the best possible ROI, you will also be able to justify your marketing budget to management more easily.

Missing the buyer persona mark

Buyer personas are an important part of any digital marketing strategy and will guide your team during the creation of your campaigns. There are two mistakes that are commonly made in this area.

When teams don’t spend enough time researching and understanding their ideal target audience, their buyer personas lack detail and depth, which can often lead to less-than-desirable campaign results.

As you conduct your market research and develop your buyer personas, it’s also incredibly important not to base them on your own aspirations. Rather take a look at your current customers and what their decision making and buying habits are and build your personas from there, taking competitor and market research into consideration too.

Failing to keep value top of mind

It can’t be stated enough that customers have very little interest in your product’s features and would instead, prefer to hear more about what you can do for them. Today’s consumers are all about value and prefer to deal with brands that can add more value to their lives, something that can come in many different forms. All of your campaigns and content should be created with value in mind. As long as you are entertaining, educating or solving a problem, you really can’t go wrong online.

Value is of particular importance in the content and SEO space. Search engine algorithms are more inclined to index content that’s valuable instead of content that meets keyword requirements. If you can provide the best possible answer to a search query, you stand a much better chance of rising above your competitors in search results and if your content is able to meet user expectations, conversions will become a regular occurrence too.

List of digital marketing mistakes

Not testing

How will you know which tactics, campaigns and content are going to bring you the greatest return on investment if you’re not testing out options?

Too many brands experience promote content, develop a Facebook campaign or create an email series that produces good results and leave it at that, not knowing that slight adjustments to their targeting, keywords or subject lines could take their results from good to great.

If you want your digital marketing strategy to succeed, A/B testing needs to become second nature. From content headlines and email subject lines to the images you use in your Facebook campaigns, everything can be tested and could mean the difference between an impression and a conversion.

Bombarding your customers

Yes, it’s important to keep your brand top of mind amongst your customers but when you start bombarding people with multiple campaigns in close succession, you will be creating more confusion and far less conversions.

Very often, when a business isn’t seeing results, they tend to ramp up their efforts in all the wrong ways. If you’ve defined your goals and are testing and tracking your campaigns, there shouldn’t be any real cause for concern. Digital marketing does require some patience and will result in some wins and some losses, it’s simply par for the course.  

Jumping on every new trend

The digital marketing space is an exciting one! There is always a new app, feature or trend appearing, giving brands multiple opportunities to enhance their campaigns and be more creative and strategic. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should be jumping on every single online trend that crosses your path. Not every trend will be well suited to your brand and if you keep changing things up too often, you could end up spreading your team, efforts and budget too thin, leaving you with inferior results.

That being said, it’s also important to not be resistant to change. Every new trend should definitely be explored and evaluated so that you are only using what will bring you the best ROI. For example, voice search has slowly started becoming far more important and businesses will need to start adjusting their SEO and content strategies in order to increase their chances of showing up in search results going forward.

As you can see, when you get the basics right and follow the best practices for each of the digital marketing platforms and tactics that you will be using, you already have a much greater chance of achieving the results that you’re hoping for.

What are some of the online marketing mistakes that your brand has made in the past?