2018’s Best Payment Gateways in India

2018/06/22 08:00

Best Payment Methods in India

The top 9 payment gateways in India that you should consider for your business.

E-commerce in India is an expanding sector, which has led to a number of new payment gateways cropping up in the market.

The right payment gateway makes running an online business that much easier, leaving you to focus on the things that really matter.

Before you choose a payment gateway…

In order to make sure that your payment gateway is going to tick all of the right boxes for your business, look at the following features:

  • Costs. Before you commit, check how much you will be charged per transaction and if there are any monthly or annual fees that you need to be aware of. Because you want to increase profits and decrease business costs, it pays to look at payment gateway costs before making a final decision.
  • Payment cycles. To get a better idea of how long it will take for payment to be processed, find out more about the payment cycles for the gateway that you have in mind.
  • International transactions. If you want to take your online business to the world, make sure that your payment gateway will be able to process both local and international transactions and whether there are any additional costs involved.
  • Payment options. The more payment options you can offer customers, the more likely it is that they will convert. Choose a gateway that offers as many payment options as possible to make your online business more versatile.
  • User interface. Good payment gateways have a user and merchant-friendly interface and are an important factor to look at when evaluating your options.

Top 9 payment gateways in India in 2018

Below are the best payment gateways to consider for your online business this year:

This online payment gateway can be used across websites and apps, allowing customers to make payments using credit cards, debit cards, UPI or wallets. One of the main reasons why InstaMojo is so popular is because setup is free and there are no annual charges. Payments are processed within 3 days and their user interface is excellent.

Easily accept and manage payments online with the PayU Biz gateway, which accepts payments in 13 different currencies. This payment gateway is particularly popular amongst mobile users and offers reasonable setup and maintenance fees. PayU Biz processes payments within 2 days and is one of the most reliable payment gateways available today.

Launched in 2010, PayTM is one of India’s most popular payment gateways. Not only can you easily integrate this gateway with your online business but there are a wide array of payment options available too, including all major debit and credit cards, net banking, UPI and EMI. There are also no setup or maintenance fees that need to be covered.

This payment gateway accepts debit card, credit card and net banking payments. Not only is it secure and easy to use but it also accepts payments in a variety of different currencies. Another plus is that there are no setup or maintenance fees to worry about and it works with a wide range of e-commerce CMS systems.

This secure payment gateway accepts all international and local MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Diners credit cards. Zaakpay supports 13 different currencies and setup and maintenance fees are determined based on unique business requirements.

If your business wants to start accepting payments via credit cards, debit cards or net banking, EBS is an excellent payment gateway option. EBS allows businesses to design a payment page in one of several languages including English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu & Marathi. Even though there is an annual maintenance fee, there is no setup fee.

CCAvenue is one of the most used payment gateways in India because of its multiple currency and payment support capabilities. Other features include advanced shopping cart capabilities, fraud control, auction payment collection, financial reporting and order tracking. Customers can expect to pay an annual maintenance fee but setup is free.

PayUMoney is a part of the Naspers group and is currently utilized by a number of businesses in India. With no setup or maintenance fees, PayUMoney is a very attractive option. The only downside with this particular payment gateway is the fact that customers need to have a PayU account in order to transact on your site.

If your business is looking to accept, process and disburse payments in one place, Razorpay is a good payment gateway option. Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, and wallets. With no maintenance fees and the ability to process both local and international payments, Razorpay is one of the more attractive payment gateways in India.

There are a number of great payment gateways available to businesses in India. The option that you choose is all dependant on who your customers are and what your budget is. As you review your payment gateway options, make sure that they provide excellent customer support, something that’s incredibly important when you’re running an online business.

Are there any payment gateways that you’ve used in the past that didn’t work for your business?