Top 9 SEO and Analytics Google Chrome Extensions to Use in 2018

2018/06/29 08:00

Top 9 Chrome Extensions

A closer look at the Chrome extensions every digital marketer should install this year.

According to StatCounter, Google Chrome has the largest browser market share in the world today.

Google Chrome is highly customisable and has become a trusty sidekick to digital marketers everywhere, allowing them to complete tasks and gather data quickly and easily using a number of handy extensions.

Whether you’re new to Google Chrome or you’re already a fan and simply want to get an idea of the best SEO and analytics extensions available to marketers today, here is a quick look at the top 9.

9 SEO & analytics extensions to install in 2018

When you think SEO, MOZ is always right up there. The MozBar extension is still the perfect tool for doing SEO research on the go as it gives you instant access to metrics for any page that you’re viewing. Access metrics such as domain and page authority, find keywords, expose page elements and differentiate links by type. Users can also export all of their search engine results page analysis details to a CSV file. A Moz Pro Subscription will give you access to additional data such as keyword difficulty scores and content suggestions based on keywords.

This developer tool makes it easy to verify that you’ve installed Google Tags correctly. The Tag Assistant extension will tell you which tags have been installed on any page that you visit, providing you with a report on any errors and how they can be fixed. Tags that will be checked include Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Being able to instantly review the quality of your tag implementation will save you hours of manual work. The recording function also makes it easy to go through a specific flow on your website and check that all the relevant tags are firing and recording correctly.

We all know how important page load speed is to Google and this extension will ensure that you are always keeping track of and fixing any speed-related issues. By using this extension, you will no longer need to insert a page URL into a third party tool every time you want to check page speed. In order to provide the most precise measurement possible, this extension uses Web Timing API.

This popular analytics extension provides marketers and developers with a wealth of useful information such as error messages and warnings as well as a breakdown of tracking beacons that are being sent to Google Analytics.  If you’re looking to save time identifying and fixing gremlins in your code, this is one extension that you should definitely install. Support for Universal Analytics is now also offered.

Take your SEO and competitor analysis one step further by reviewing clickstream data from a variety of internet service providers and SimilarWeb crawlers. You will be able to access data on website traffic rankings, engagement rates, traffic sources and keywords. Information on a site’s demographics and what they’re spending on paid media is also available. The extension is free but a paid subscription will give you access to more in-depth data.

Save time when researching keywords with the Keywords Everywhere extension. By installing this extension, every time you perform a search you will also see the search volume for that keyword as well as the relevant CPC data. This doesn’t just apply to Google Search either though; the extension will also work across platforms such as MOZ Open Site Explorer, Amazon, YouTube, Google Analytics, eBay, Etsy and more.

View your Google Analytics data in a whole different way using bar charts, comparisons and heat maps. This analytics extension enhances the Google Analytics data grid using three different types of visualisations for every metric column. A different visualisation type can be used for each row or you can combine all types in the same row.  

This popular extension will add a content marketing toolbar to Google Chrome, giving you the ability to analyse your content or your competitor’s content. Impactana displays share counts across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and calculates the impact that a piece of content has. Basically, if you’re looking to find out whether a piece of content has been shared and whether your audience is engaging with it, this extension is really useful.

Add tracking parameters to your website URLs without having to use a third-party tool. UTM parameters are essential for accurate website and marketing reporting and can be tracked in Google Analytics. This handy extension saves you time by auto-tagging traffic and generating URLs for website pages.

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Are there any other Google Chrome extensions that you would add to this list?