How to Use Google Trends to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

2018/08/20 08:00

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Is Google Trends the digital marketing tool that you’ve been missing out on?

First launched in 2006, Google Trends is a free tool that can provide marketers with a wealth of information but one that not a lot of marketers actually use.

Google Trends has changed a lot in recent years and is no longer the static resource that it used to be. Today, it uses our online behavior to form opinions and trends that marketers and brands can use to better understand their target audiences.

How does Google Trends work?

Google Trends offers a visual representation of trends in search behavior that are related to specific topics and search queries that have been entered into Google Shopping, Google Search, YouTube and Google News.

Marketers can access information on when specific terms and topics have been mentioned over a specific period of time in an effort to optimise their digital marketing efforts across the board. It’s also a great way to keep track of search queries related to specific brands.

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It should be noted that Google Trends doesn’t use all of Google’s data to provide marketers and brands with this information, it simply samples and analyses portions of the data.

Once logged in, you can query up to five different search terms at once, which will be displayed on a graph called the Search Volume Index.

After inputting a particular search query or topic, you will be able to refine your search results by selecting the following filters:

  • Location. You can refine your search up to a city level
  • Timeframe. Select the dates that you would like to view this data for
  • Category. Choose from several different categories
  • Type of Search. Select whether you want to look at data based on web searches, image searches, news searches, Google Shopping or YouTube

Interpreting Google Trend graphs

When analyzing your graph, you will want to pay attention to the Search Volume Index, which indexes search queries from 0 – 100. A search query or topic with an index of 100 means it had the highest search volume for that period. All other queries and topics will be calculated by using the “100” term as a reference point.

How to use Google Trends to improve your marketing

Below are just a few of the ways that you can use Google Trends as a digital marketing tool.

Enhance your content strategy

Google Trends is an additional tool that you can use for keyword research to enhance your content strategy. The search queries and topics will give you additional insights into the problems and needs of your target audience so that you can better address them. It is also an excellent way for your marketing and content team to brainstorm new content ideas for your blog. Google Trends is also great if your brand would like to produce more reactive content that speaks to events, news stories and other trends.

Bulk up your SEO strategy

Sometimes, one keyword research tool simply isn’t enough, which is where Google Trends comes in. Google Trends is a great compliment to tools such as Keyword Planner as it can provide you with additional ideas that Keyword Planner may not have suggested. Google Trends also goes one step further by giving you the ability to compare search terms across web and image search, YouTube and Google Shopping, which gives you the opportunity to build stronger campaigns across different channels.

Anticipate consumer demand

Another key benefit of using Google Trends as a marketing tool is that it allows you to analyze and predict seasonal peaks. By knowing when the demand for a particular product or service is going to be higher, you can better plan your online campaigns to cater for this increase in demand and in turn, potentially increase your campaign ROI.

Measure brand popularity

Knowing what is being said about your brand online will give you the opportunity to firstly address any bad publicity or client concerns. On the other end, you never know when you may across a favorable news piece that you can promote on your website and your social media pages. Google Trends can also offer you insights into the products and services that are most popular amongst your target audience. In some cases, you may even discover gaps in the market or an entirely new market that your brand could target.

Overall, Google Trends is definitely a tool worth adding to the mix if you’re looking for new ways to track your brand’s performance online and discover trends and topics that will enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Have you used Google Trends in the past?