Is Wix Finally SEO Friendly?

2018/08/22 08:00

wix good for seo

Following its latest update, is the Wix platform now SEO friendly?

Wix has been pushing hard to make their website-building platform SEO friendly in an effort to catch up with their competitors, WordPress and Weebly.

Even though Wix provided customers with the ability to create beautiful, user-friendly sites, many of them were leaving for platforms that could also increase their chances of ranking well in Google’s search results.

Prior to their latest update, Wix clients were struggling to boost their SEO rankings due to poor URL structures, a lack of image descriptions, an inability for certain pages to be crawled by Google as well as a problem with lightbox URLs.

Overall, since Google wasn’t able to effectively crawl Wix websites and critical information was missing when it did, Wix websites started getting a bad SEO rep.

What changed with the recent updates?

It should be noted that Wix is recognized by all major search engines and when the right SEO tactics and procedures are implemented, users should never have a problem with their site being indexed.

In an effort to provide users with a more robust platform, Wix has made their SEO Wiz tool available to all users. In fact, this tool was even mentioned at the last Google I/O 2018 developer’s conference. Wix has also made sure that users can customize the URLs of their websites and that all URLs are automatically made HTTPS improve their SEO rankings.

Since Google’s mobile-first indexing movement has become so important to the success of websites now and in the future, Wix has made sure that all websites are automatically mobile-friendly too.

Lastly, users can now also add those all-important alt tags to their images to benefit from image optimization.

How to get the most out of Wix

Every website builder is a little different and has its own set of strengths and weaknesses but if Wix is your website builder of choice, this is how you can get the most out of it and boost your SEO rankings.

  • Start with the basics. You can’t expect to improve your SEO rankings if you don’t focus on getting the basics right first. Wix will give you everything you need to set up your website to correctly communicate with search bots. It’s important to go through this setup correctly and to not cut corners.
  • Mobile first! If you haven’t heard about it already, Google has started rolling out mobile-first indexing; an update that will give preference to the mobile versions of websites. What this means is that mobile is more important than ever so time spent making your website has mobile-friendly as possible is time well spent.
  • Use your meta descriptions. Meta descriptions can now be up to 320 characters long, which gives website owners the opportunity to really use these descriptions to their advantage. Carefully think about why users should click through to each of the pages of your site and find a way to work relevant keywords into the copy for an additional boost.
  • Submit a sitemap. Submitting a sitemap is a crucial step in the SEO purpose as they tell search bots exactly what they will find on your site and how your website is structured, in other words, where they can find each page. This is not something that can be done in Wix though. You will need to set up a Google Search Console account, which can then be used to submit your sitemap and keep track of your site’s performance on Google.
  • Setup Google Analytics. If you fail to track your website’s performance, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. Google Analytics is completely free, simple to set up and will provide you with in-depth insights that you can use to improve your website, boost your SEO rankings and market your business more effectively. You can also connect your Wix account to Google Analytics to make data collection and analysis even easier.
  • Keep educating yourself. Google is always making changes and updating their algorithms, which is why it’s important to stay up to date and to educate yourself on a regular basis. There are a number of great websites such as Moz that are excellent SEO resources for people of all levels.

When used correctly, Wix can be a truly powerful website-building platform. Pair this with smart SEO tactics and great content and you shouldn’t have any problem ranking in Google’s search results.

Have you used Wix to build a website in the past or are you considering it for the first time?