How to Apply the Pareto Principle to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

2018/09/24 08:00

pareto principle

Applying the 80/20 rule to your email marketing campaigns could finally give you the results you’ve been working towards.   

In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto noted that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. It is also said that Pareto later developed his principle after he observed that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.

The 80/20 principle has been around for decades and can be applied to different areas of business, including marketing. For example, we can say that:

  • 80% of search traffic stems from 20% of the researched keywords
  • 80% of social shares stem from 20% of all social updates
  • 80% of online sales stem from 20% of products

Basically, most of what you’re looking to achieve require a disproportionately small amount of effort.

If email marketing is an integral part of your overall online strategy but you’re not seeing the results you’re aiming for, it could come down to poor strategic execution, cluttered client inboxes or even unreliable data but the 80/20 principle can turn your email marketing efforts around.

Applying the Pareto Principle to your email marketing campaigns

If you can really cut down your email marketing efforts by 80% to focus on the 20% that is actually producing results, is this not a strategic approach that you should be pursuing?

Below are the factors that you should be focusing on to successfully apply this principle to your email marketing campaigns.

  • Get them talking

With so many brands talking at you, wouldn’t it be refreshing to actually encounter a brand that wants to have a conversation with you?

Taking the time to strike up a conversation with a lead as soon as they’re added to your email list is easy and could produce amazing returns.

The basic idea is for you to ask them what their pain points and needs are and encourage them to get in touch with your business. When a customer provides you with a direct answer to these types of questions, you’re probably already way ahead of most of your competitors.

This is not to say that you should ignore the other 80% of your email list, it simply means that placing more focus on these fresh leads and being more strategic about how you email the rest of your list could be more worthwhile.

  • List segmentation is a must

Every one of your customers is different, which means that the same message isn’t going to resonate with everyone. For example, your marketing messages for new and loyal customers shouldn’t be the same because they’re at different stages of the buyer’s journey.  

Segmenting your email list is a must if you’re looking to apply and benefit from the 80/20 rule.

  • Focus on what works

If there is one thing that all marketers know to be true, it’s that testing is not optional.

Yes, it’s fine to trust your instincts from time to time but if you want to reap the rewards of your email marketing efforts, it’s crucial that you discover what subject lines, content, layouts, and calls to action are actually resulting in conversions.

Spend time testing your email campaigns so that you can focus on sending the campaigns that are going to produce real results going forward.

  • Strike while the iron is hot

Upselling only works when it’s executed at the right time, which is when the customer is in a buying frame of mind.

To speed things up, spend time pairing up complimentary products and offerings so that you can upsell a customer as soon as they make a purchase. Automated email campaigns are a great way to do exactly this and even though they do take some additional time to set up, once they’ve been implemented you won’t have to do much except monitor your results and watch your sales climb.

  • Spend time developing stellar copy

Applying the 80/20 principle to your email marketing campaigns won’t achieve much if you’re using an inferior copy in your emails.

Before you develop your copy, decide what you want to achieve and what it will take to motivate a customer to take action depending on their needs and struggles.

Taking the time to develop highly-engaging content will go a long way in allowing you to cut down on 80% of email marketing efforts to achieve better results. If copy creation is not your forte, rather hire a professional who can assist you.  

When applied correctly, these 5 tips can truly increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns that will, in turn, increase your conversion rates too.

Have you applied the 80/20 rule to any other areas of your business?