The Countries with the Lowest CPC Costs in Google Ads

2018/10/08 08:00

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Wondering which countries pay the lowest cost-per-click in AdWords? Here’s a look at the top 20.

It’s a known fact that not all countries pay the same cost-per-click (CPC) in Google Ads. Search volumes and the demand for certain target audiences differ per country, which can affect how much a brand would pay to run AdWords campaigns in specific countries.

According to a report by WordStream, the average CPC in the U.S.A is between $1 and $2 on the Google Search network. Here is how the countries with the lowest CPC costs in AdWords compare to the U.S.

Country CPC % Less Than U.S. Avg.
Serbia 95%
Moldova 92%
Liberia 92%
Ukraine 92%
Somalia 92%
Slovenia 92%
Latvia 90%
Bahrain 90%
Venezuela 88%
Tanzania 88%
Lithuania 86%
Montenegro 86%
Guyana 85%
Pakistan 84%
Namibia 84%


As you can see, there is a major difference in costs when running your campaigns in these countries but this doesn’t mean that you should.

If your brand doesn’t have a presence or target audiences in these countries, chances are you’re simply going to be throwing money directly down the drain.

So, how do brands reach their desired target audience without breaking the bank? It all starts with understanding why cost per click isn’t always the most important aspect of setting up and running an Google Ads campaign.

Why cost per click isn’t all that matters

Cheapest CPC

Cost per click is the one metric that advertisers tend to get hung up on when bidding for terms on Google AdWords. What many don’t realize is that cost per click is all relative and not necessarily the metric that you should be basing your decisions on.

In most cases, marketers are immediately put off by a high CPC and will settle for alternative keywords that cost less. The reality is that CPC does indeed have the ability to drain your bank account but on the flip side, making money off of those clicks will allow you to increase your AdWords budget two-fold.

This is not to say that CPC is not important, it simply means that you need to look at the bigger picture before you decide whether a keyword is too expensive.

Unfortunately, most PPC platforms present brands with metrics that only allow them to track the performance of their campaigns, and while these metrics are certainly useful, they shouldn’t be all you focus on. Cost per acquisition can be just as important as cost per click – it all depends on the price of your products and services.

Before you make a final call on a keyword that seems too expensive, consider how much a customer would spend on one of your products or services. For example, if the keyword you are interested in has a CPC of $25 but your average product is only $18, the CPC wouldn’t make sense. On the other hand, if your average product is $150, the CPC is far more reasonable.

5 Basic Tips to Enhance Your PPC Campaigns

Setting a budget for your AdWords campaigns can sometimes be daunting as you need them to perform well to see a return on investment.

Regardless of what you decide to spend, here are some basic tips that will give your PPC campaigns a better chance of achieving the results you’re hoping for.

  1. Know when your audience is most likely to convertYou want to run your PPC campaigns at a time when you know your target audience is most likely to convert. Ensure that your customer personas are up to date and that you have a thorough understanding of your customers’ online habits, the times that they work and when they’re most likely to be online. Having this information on hand will allow you to run your campaigns at a time when they’re most likely to be seen by your target audience.
  2. Create a stand out landing pageYou could have the most creative, eye-catching online ad but if you are sending your visitors to a subpar landing page, you can say goodbye to your AdWords budget. There is a lot of information available on creating landing pages that convert and it all starts with what you’re selling and who you’re targeting. A/B testing your landing pages is incredibly important if you really want to see a good return on investment from AdWords.
  3. Stick to a local domain extensionCustomers need to know that they can trust you and while extensions like .ly may look and sound good, online users are far more likely to click on a domain extension that they recognize and that’s relevant to their location.
  4. Keep devices in mind: It’s no secret that mobile searches have gone through the roof and depending on where you are located, you may need to adapt your campaigns for a mobile audience more than a desktop audience. Doing so could change the results of your AdWords campaigns entirely.
  5. Consider using local currency: This is a tip for brands who sell to customers internationally. You’d be surprised at how brands have been able to increase both clicks and conversions by selling products and services to customers using their local currency. To do this, create separate landing pages with the relevant currencies and adapt your ads accordingly.

At the end of the day, a high-level view of your PPC campaigns matters just as much as the details so don’t let CPC be the only thing you see when bidding on keywords.