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How to Create Personas Using KOBIT

Why customer personas matter and the data you’ll need to create them. Where it was once enough to have a birds-eye view of who your customers were, today’s brands need to have as much information as possible if they hope to reach and appeal to their target audience. According to Mad Marketer, 71% of businesses who surpassed their revenue and lead goals have developed buyer personas. And an astounding 82% of companies that started using buyer personas were able to develop a better value proposition, which in turn increased sales and revenue. Consumer needs are evolving all the time and if brands hope to survive in a competitive market, they need to […]

2018/11/12 08:00

About us KOBIT

  Creator’s NEXT was born in 2004 from the mind of Nozomu Kubota, with the objective to assist in the development of digital marketing companies. Offering solutions adapted to their clients and new ways to increase their benefits in the online domain. Thanks to continuous conversations with digital marketing companies, arose the need of seeking a solution to all those digital marketing professionals that spent too many hours creating reports in Google Analytics. What if those wasted hours were invested in developing their creative side instead of mere data compilation tasks? – Nozomu Kubota Creator’s NEXT – Vision Creator’s NEXT is pleased to introduce KOBIT KOBIT born with the objective […]

2018/11/05 10:09

Interview with LaraJ: Impressions after using KOBIT

Company profile Company Name: Lara ‘J Interviewee: Mr. Wee Jun Wei Website: lara-j.com

2018/05/11 08:35
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Which Metrics in your Analytics Reports You Should Put Your Eyes On?

To run a successful business on the web, you need to engage in a continuous process of refining and improving your online marketing approach. A low performing web page will damage your brand. But first, you have to understand where the problem or the problems lie. As Lord Kelvin once said: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”.

2018/03/27 07:59
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