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Tips for Tapping into the Power of Nostalgia Marketing

How retro marketing tactics can help you reach out to customers in a whole new way. From Pokémon and Vinyl to Nintendo Classic and Nokia’s infamous 3310, retro products from our past are making a swift comeback. What is it about the good old days that put such a big smile on our faces? Probably the fact that our world seems to be evolving at a speed that we can barely keep up with and these subtle memories from our past take us back to a simpler time, a time when the internet didn’t put so much pressure on us to be perfect. Everyone has something in their home that […]

2018/09/28 08:00

Why Your Website Looks Like Mine?

Should you follow popular tips and what advice is worth following when creating your website You would be quite surprised to learn about an advice to webmasters by Google. What they say in their Webmaster Guidelines is – “Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines”. Funny, right? But their advice is spot on and could not be articulated better, to be honest. By not following this concept, we end up with tons of websites that look and feel the same. What is worse, we end up with websites that are created primarily for search engines. Look at the heading below. It is SEO friendly. We have copied it […]

2018/09/26 08:00

9 Places to Promote Your Blog Content in 2018

Looking to promote your content to a larger audience? These are the platforms and tactics you should be using. Creating a blog for your brand isn’t a difficult task but just because you have a blog and update it regularly doesn’t mean that visitors are automatically going to start streaming in. When you consider the fact that over 2 million blogs are posted online every single day, it starts to make sense why you will need to promote your content if you want it to have any impact at all. Today’s online users access and engage with content on a variety of different platforms, which means that there are a […]

2018/07/16 08:00
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