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How to Implement Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site

Find out how your WordPress site is performing by implementing Google Analytics. Every business owner should have a view of how their visitors are interacting with their website and content, and Google Analytics is one tool that makes this possible. Google Analytics offers a wide array of data that will help you create stronger content strategies, refine your customer journey and improve your SEO efforts. It will also give you the ability to create goals and track your site’s performance against on those goals so that you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.   If you’re running your site on the WordPress platform, implanting Google Analytics is very easy. […]

2019/01/07 08:00
Web Marketing Tools

11 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Marketing Professionals

Discover a few new marketing apps that you’ll be glad you downloaded. Digital marketers use their smartphones for everything from posting content on social media to tracking their latest AdWords campaign, and having the right apps is a big part of successfully managing various marketing activities. There are a few apps that marketers simply can’t live without and we’ve listed them below. Must-Have Apps for the Professional Marketer Slack Android / iOS When you’re running several marketing campaigns as a team, communication is essential. Slack is still one of the top apps for marketing teams who aren’t necessarily based in the same office or for teams that are always on […]

2018/11/23 08:00
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