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Why Brand Trust is More Important than Ever Before

If you’ve ever wondered how brand trust is affecting your bottom line, this article will help clear things up. Survey Monkey, a leader in global survey software, recently released the results of their survey on how trust affects consumer purchase decisions. If you’ve never really paid much attention to brand trust, this report shows that it’s no longer a nice-to-have. Survey Monkey CEO, Zander Lurie, stated that businesses that failed to establish trust in 2018 and beyond were going to lose customers to brands that could– it’s as simple as that. The results of the study indicated that 65% of survey respondents would only purchase from brands they trust, with […]

2018/11/28 08:00
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How to Apply Neuromarketing to Your Campaigns in 2019

The basics of neuromarketing and how it can be used to drive more conversions. Neuromarketing is a concept that has been around for quite some time but is still one of the most effective ways to optimise your marketing campaigns without needing to pay for additional advertising. Understanding the Basics of Neuromarketing Neuromarketing takes the principles of neuroscience and neuropsychology and applies them to marketing. Neuroscience looks at both the function and the structure of the brain as well as the nervous system, while neuropsychology looks at aspects such as emotion, behaviour and cognition and how they’re linked to one another. These principles help brands and marketers to better understand […]

2018/11/26 08:00
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11 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Marketing Professionals

Discover a few new marketing apps that you’ll be glad you downloaded. Digital marketers use their smartphones for everything from posting content on social media to tracking their latest AdWords campaign, and having the right apps is a big part of successfully managing various marketing activities. There are a few apps that marketers simply can’t live without and we’ve listed them below. Must-Have Apps for the Professional Marketer Slack Android / iOS When you’re running several marketing campaigns as a team, communication is essential. Slack is still one of the top apps for marketing teams who aren’t necessarily based in the same office or for teams that are always on […]

2018/11/23 08:00
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